Table of Contents

  Publisher´s Preface: Roger Liggenstorfer
  Editor-in-chief's Preface: Tom Rom
  Photo editor-in-chief's Preface: Pascal Querner

  History and Music
  1. Goa – The Roots of Psychedelic Trance Goa Gil
  2. History of a Colourful Culture Chicago/Raja Ram
  3. Magical spots Pascal Querner
  4. The Evolution of Psytrance Music Kai Mathesdorf
  5. The Psytrance Labels Kai Mathesdorf
  6. The Cosmic Octave Hans Cousto
  7. The “Goa-Tribe“ – Culture or Subculture? Wolfgang Sterneck
  8. Cybertribes: Projects against the System Wolfgang Sterneck

  Culture, Spirituality and Drugs
  9. Spirituality and Shamanism Christian Rätsch
10. Anarchy with Codes Tom Rom
11. Psytrance Media Sam Chaishop
12. Ecology and Environmental Consciousness Tom Rom
13. Goa-culture, Drugs and the Expansion of the Mind Roger Liggenstorfer
14. Cosmic Vibe: The Total Eclipse Festivals Graham St John
15. The Solipse Festivals William Miller/Hannah Cleaver

Art and Performances
16. Decoration and Design Ananto/Julia Werner
17. Visions and Psychedelic Art Martina Hoffmann/Robert Venosa
18. Visuals – Moving Minds El Geko/Omananda
19. Dance in Trance Marc Brouard
20. Performances in Colours Pascal Querner
21. Highway to Paradise Pascal Querner
22. Beautiful People Pascal Querner
23. Psyfashion and Style Katarina Bartovicova

A Global Culture
24. Goa in Germany Liese
25. Switzerland Juerg Schmid
26. Austria Tom Rom
27. Trance in the UK Gregory Sams/Charles de Ledesma
28. Trance in Sweden Bakke
29. Trancerussia Anchor/Unitone
30. Trance in Israel Roy Engel/Lior Perlmutter/Avi Nissim
31. Goa Culture in Japan Kei Fujishiro/Jun Inada
32. Psytrance Center Thailand Tom Rom
33. Trance in India Today Ma Faiza
34. Psytrance in Brazil Kranti Pessoa
35. Doof in Downunder Albert Moses
36. Psychedelic Trance – A Part of South African History Dave Mac
37. Voov-Experience – Vuuv-Festival Scotty/Amrisha/Andreas Mueller
38. The Boom Festival Artur da Silva
39. Ozora Festival Balasz Verebes
40. Universo Paralello Swarup
41. Psytrance @ Burning Man Peter Ziegelmeier/Brad Olsen

42. Critical Thoughts and Future Tom Rom

Editors, Authors, Photographers and Artists
Index of Pictures

Publisher: Tom Rom (text) and Pascal Querner (photos)
Publisher and Production: Nachtschatten Verlag, Solothurn/Switzerland
DVD production: Psynema
Distribution: Nachtschatten Verlag, Mushroom Magazine, Tom Rom, Psyshop.com, Festivals, Headshops around the world
Layout, graphics, design: Peter Lippert
Format: 25 x 25 cm, full coloured, hardcover, 320 pages, 700+ photos (six new chapters, many new pictures)
Date of Publication: December 2011
Price: EUR 49,80 (Book wih DVD)
ISBN: 978-3-03788-189-7

Contact: Tom Rom
Email: tomrom24 [at] chello [dot] at (for correspondence about the book)
Website: psyevents.at/tomrom

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